149 Paintings You Really Need to See in North America


Tour North America’s greatest museums and galleries in the company of two incomparable guides.

This lively companion highlights the essential paintings, by some of the world’s greatest painters, from Giotto to Picasso, on display in North American museums and galleries.

Julian Porter has had a life-long passion for art. He worked for seven years as a student tour guide in Europe and since has conducted countless gallery tours in Europe and North America. His co-author, Stephen Grant, brings a wealth of expertise in twentieth-century artists, and presents them within the framework of a North American–led, sustained burst of originality and shock.

Presented with wit and irreverence, here is the best that North American galleries have to offer. Focused and curated to give you everything you need to enjoy the greatest works of art in the best company and save you the sore feet and superfluous information.


Dewey Divas and the Dudes Fall 2017 pick


Porter and Grant, lawyers by trade, make difficult art accessible through simple formal descriptions and introductory histories of artists and patrons. Both write in an inviting, casual tone…Their book is rich with color illustrations and brief, wall-text-style explanations that make turning the pages akin to strolling through a museum’s galleries.


Offers a seamless transition from one locale to another, with the same acute insights similarly tempered, and occasionally reversed, over time.”


Has wit, a critical eye, attitude, and an endearing need to inform without talking down or flummoxing its audience.

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About the Authors

Julian Porter

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Julian Porter

Julian Porter is a litigation lawyer whose other passion in life is art. He’s had a lot of fun looking at art and wants to share his enthusiasm with others. He has lectured in galleries from Madrid to St. Petersburg. He lives in Toronto.