The $50,000 Stove Handle


A dog that thinks he’s a carpenter. A pregnant groundhog with a taste for expensive plants. A swimming pool full of worms. They’re all part of The $50,000 Stove Handle, the delightful, true story of one family’s misadventures in renovating their suburban Toronto home.

Gordon Pape’s family’s tribulations – a shower that won’t stop leaking, a wine cellar that smells like a paint factory, and a stove handle that ended up costing more than $50,000 – will keep readers chuckling from start to finish.

His delightful cast of characters includes a Porsche-driving carpenter, a golf-obsessed plumber, and a designer with a knack for coping with husbands who swear they won’t interfere – and then, of course, do.

The $50,000 Stove Handle is one of those rare books – light but pointed, with stories every home owner can immediately relate to.

About the Authors

Gordon Pape

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Gordon Pape

Gordon Pape is best known to Canadians as CBC-radio's personal finance commentator and as the author of popular books on money management and investment strategies. These include Building Wealth in the '90's, Low-Risk Investing, Retiring Wealthy, and his annual guides to RRSP's and mutual funds. He has also co-authored three novels and the award-winning Montreal at the Crossroads.