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Beware The Other …

Alex is the loneliest boy at school. Not only are his parents away (again), but his beloved cat is missing. Plus, one morning his reflection in the haunted bathroom mirror at school starts talking to him. Then two mysterious strangers in overcoats and sunglasses appear, whispering the same message, over and over: Beware The Other.…

But, worse than all that, is the girl with the braid. She looks just like Alex. She’s better than him at everything, and they even share the same name. Soon, she’s the only Alex anyone can see, at school, at work, even at home. In no time, it’s almost as though the real Alex never existed at all.

Can the real Alex outsmart his evil twin and get his life back before she replaces him for good? And, more importantly, who is the real Alex, anyway?


A fun and fast-paced tale that fans of spooky stories will enjoy.

Canadian Materials

Filled with heart-stopping pauses, thrilling psychological twists … a gripping page-turner.

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About the Author

Eleanor Creasey

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Eleanor Creasey

A retired teacher and school principal, Eleanor Creasey B.Ed., M.Ed. is the author of On Remembrance Day and several teachers' resource guides to facilitate classroom discussion of novels. She lives in Ottawa.