A true story of love, marriage, and life after betrayal, adapted from the award-winning memoir-style CBC podcast.

The church wedding, the new house, a beautiful baby … Michelle was sold a dream and bought into it. But one day, nine years in, she wakes up in an empty bed, and the Husband isn't there.

Adrift and on the edge of forty — fueled by grief, booze, and one-night stands — Michelle battles the monster she calls Loneliness, struggling with the duality of being a part-time parent and part-time partier. Though dangerously close to rock bottom, Michelle, ever the Saddest Optimist, takes a chance on love again with a dashing but complicated man in a white shirt. Can she accept this jigsaw puzzle of a life is now hers? And if she accepts it, how will she take ownership of it?

Michelle delves into the deepest, darkest aspects of divorce and her new life with candour and humour, showing that there is life in the alone space as well as hope.


Michelle Parise knows how to shape and deliver a story that will keep you coming back for more

The Atlantic, on the podcast Alone: A Love Story

About the Author

Michelle Parise

Posted by Kendra on August 16, 2019

Michelle Parise

Michelle Parise is an award-winning journalist, writer, and performer. She has worked for the CBC for more than two decades, in everything from children’s television to national radio news, music programming, and documentary making. She lives in Toronto.