Arctic Obsession


More than an account of the human delusion and fortitude in penetrating one of the most inhospitable areas of the world, Arctic Obsession goes beyond the gripping history of northern exploration, of the searches for the Northwest and Northeast Passages.

From early medieval times to the twenty-first century, what has been the beguiling attraction of the North? What manner of men were they who boldly ventured into those hostile and unpredictable regions, scores never to return home, swallowed up by the merciless north.

Today’s Arctic is developing into tomorrows hot spot. Arctic Obsession dwells on contemporary issues besetting the most fragile part of our globe global warming and environmental, ecological and geo-political concerns. The book also provides an overview of the entire Arctic region, from Canada, Russia, and Alaska to Greenland, Iceland, and the North Sea.


"In the grand tradition of Pierre Bertons The Arctic Grail (1988), Arctic Obsession considers the age-old lure of the far north and the men who could not look away, despite the cost in blood and treasure."

Booklist (US) (September, 2011)

Troubetzkoy has written a fascinating book in which the call of his Arctic Siren rings clear.

About the Author

Alexis S. Troubetzkoy

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Alexis S. Troubetzkoy

Alexis S. Troubetzkoy, scion of a Russian princely family, is an internationally published writer. He is the author of Imperial Legend: the Disappearance of Tsar Alexander I, A Brief History of the Crimean War, and Arctic Obsession: The Lure of the Far North. A fellow of the Association of Russian-American Scholars, he currently lives in Toronto.