Art of the Spirit


Rich colours and arresting designs capture the mood of celebration and joy that characterizes this photographic record of contemporary religious works of art. Chosen for their excellence in design and stitchery, these works represent the achievements of artists who have created art, in fabric, for places of worship. This book celebrates this important artistic expression, a significant part of our heritage.

Pieces are selected from communities across Canada: from a small parish on a Micmac reserve in Nova Scotia to a large urban synagogue in Vancouver; from the igloo-shaped cathedral in Iqaluit to a suburban church nestled beside a wildlife march in southwestern Ontario.


Art of the Spirit is a MUST READ for anyone interested in liturgical art.

St. James Cathedral Newsletter

[Art of the Spirit] penetrates deeply into the rich potential of a medium which has been too often forgotten, or relegated to the production of cheap, commercialized, readymade, off-the-shelf illustrates wonderful creativity already present among us, and holds new possibilities before church communities and talented individuals.

Anglican Journal Review of Books

This beautiful book is a bridge builder. It will inspire members of church worship committees and arts committees across denominational lines to engage the visual arts while it will challenge church leadership to engage their visual perception as a means of theological reflection. This book is needed.

Center for the Arts and Religion

[Art of the Spirit] illustrates the ingenuity and indigenization of Christian and Jewish art in Canada during the past 25 years...this book illustrates the possibilities of liturgical art in our time.

The Mennonite Reporter

This lovely book combines the liturgical with the creative in an exploration of fabric art from various religious denominations...a book that while delighting the eye will remind believers of some of the origins of the [Christmas] season.

The Sunday Daily News

Glowing, vibrant color is the strongest initial impression received from browsing through the collection. As soon as the reader recovers from the blast of color, the impact of outstanding skill and master-level craftsmanship makes itself felt.

Canadian Book Review Annual

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