Battle Lines


An outstanding collection of firsthand accounts from the front lines of our military history, drawn from letters, diaries, and reportage from the Plains of Abraham and the Red River Rebellion to the battlefields of two world wars and Korea, as well as the harrowing missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan. This is a book that animates our past in the words of those who lived the Canadian military experience.


Eyewitness accounts form the basis for this engaging book by two of the country’s leading historians.… Collectively, they form the intricate mosaic of our shared past, and speak to the rich and terrible military history that has shaped this country. ... Granatstein and Hillmer are to be commended for sharing a portion of it with this and future generations of Canadians.

The Globe and Mail

From World War II to the Korean War, to the Gulf War and Afghanistan, this book is filled with hundreds of personal accounts. They tell of desolation, isolation, loneliness, yet there is a feeling of hope too amidst possible death. Reading [Battle Lines] is humbling and will leave you emotionally shaken, knowing so many sacrificed so much for past and future generations.


... an important contribution from two distinguished historians.

The Canadian Jewish News

...a fine selection of the most gripping and the most poignant.

The Beaver

About the Authors

Norman Hillmer

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Norman Hillmer

Norman Hillmer is a professor of history and international affairs at Carleton University and was formerly senior historian at the Department of National Defence. Granatstein and Hillmer have collaborated on five books, including the national bestseller Prime Ministers: Ranking Canadian Leaders.