The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings


Watch out! Here comes another mammoth book to thrill you and chill you and to frighten you to within an inch of your life! It comes bumping out of the night … from John Robert Colombo, the master of the macabre! This new compendium delivers excitement and delight to everyone who finds the unknown and the inexplicable fascinating, baffling, and frightening.

The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings offers readers true, first-person accounts of the appearances (and the disappearances!) of ghosts and spirits as well as considerations and discussions of their effects on observers. Some told-as-true tales are reprinted from newspapers and periodicals of the past, but the majority of the stories, which come from every region in Canada, are based on eyewitness reports of the present that are appearing here for the first time and are based on the compiler’s ongoing research.

So whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, spooks, spectres, or poltergeists, or not, after reading these narratives contributed by Canadians from all walks of life, you definitely won’t be indifferent to them.


"These stories, many of them appearing for the first time in print, deliver excitement and delight to everyone who finds the unknown and the inexplicable fascinating, baffling and frightening."

Lethbridge Herald, The

"A fascinating all-Canadian compendium of first person accounts, including psychic events, monstrous creatures such as sasquatches and windigos, and to me the most haunting figures, those who give forewarning of death and disaster, sometimes averting them. These tales will, for the reader as for the author, provide great interest, even if they don't compel belief."

Globe & Mail, The

About the Author

John Robert Colombo

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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John Robert Colombo

John Robert Colombo, the author of the best-selling Colombo's Canadian Quotations and Fascinating Canada, has written, translated, or edited over two hundred books. He is the recipient of the Harbourfront Literary Prize and the Order of Canada, and is a Fellow of the Frye Centre.