Body Swap


2019 Hamilton Literary Award for Fiction — Winner
A fatal collision — who’s to blame? Two bodies, two souls switch in search of justice.

When fifteen-year-old Hallie gets knocked flying by a Hurricane SUV, her life ends without her ever having kissed a boy. At an otherworldly carnival, she meets and argues with the eighty-two-year-old driver, Susan. Both return to life, only with one catch — they’ve swapped bodies.

Now Hallie has wrinkled skin and achy joints while Susan deals with a forehead zit and a crush on a guy who’s a player. Hallie faces a life in a long-term care residence. Susan gets picked up for shoplifting.

As they struggle with technology, medications, and each other’s fashion foibles, they start to understand and maybe even like each other. But can they work together to prove that a defect in the Hurricane caused the deadly crash? Or will their time run out?


Hamilton Literary Award for Fiction


A poignant story with humour and heart, McNicoll breathes new life into the proverb: walk a mile in someone's shoes. Body Swap is a must-read!

Mahtab Narsimhan, author of The Tiffin

In a funny yet poignant way, Sylvia McNicoll explores the stereotypes of youth and age. Throw in a bit of sleuthing and you have a fast-paced, very engaging book that will leave readers, of whatever age, thinking!

Gillian Chan, author of The Disappearance and An Ocean Apart

Entertaining and enlightening, Body Swap shows how an unlikely pair can bridge generations to take on some of life’s biggest challenges — such as mortality, corporate greed and, of course, first kisses. A fun read!

Vicki Grant, award-winning author of 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

The lessons learned and empathy shown by both characters prove very instructive for the YA reader.

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a soul-switching novel which features a 15-year-old girl and an 82-year-old woman who swap souls following an auto accident

Hamilton Spectator

This is another wonderfully written book by Sylvia McNicoll. I think it will challenge the thinking of tweens, teen, and even retirees. It is very well written and a great new spin on an old type of story. McNicoll executes masterfully in telling this story.

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I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA fiction and enjoyed the Freaky Friday movie.

Breakeven Books blog

About the Author

Sylvia McNicoll

Posted by Kendra on April 12, 2016
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Sylvia McNicoll

Sylvia McNicoll is the author of over thirty novels. Bringing up Beauty, her guide dog story, won the Silver Birch Award, launching her to international success. Sylvia lives in Burlington, Ontario.