A dark coming-of-age comedy set in a world of scoundrels and misfits at the end of their tether.

Paul Wint quits the greeting card business under the spell of Hornsmith, an ailing con artist running a scam on Dr. Courtney, a cosmetic surgeon, and Simon Trang, a shadowy narc. Hornsmith says it’s business, but it’s really more a blackmail job.

And it’s not working out. While Hornsmith’s distracted by his intestinal cancer, Courtney’s gangsters plot to kill the deal. Soon, Paul can’t see his way for the complications in this business. His obsession with Marla, a singer with The Raging Socket, doesn’t help.

After a mysterious fire destroys his apartment building, Paul skips town driving Marla’s drug-dealing lover’s ’68 Firebird. His neighbour Akinwole Mulumba, a homesick Nigerian accountant, tags along. Only when calamity strikes on a dark desert road does Paul find refuge with a reclusive Iraqi war vet turned Buddhist monk and a spirited Cambodian waitress.

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J.P. Meyboom

Posted by Kendra on April 21, 2020
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J.P. Meyboom

J.P. Meyboom works in film and television. Some of his projects include supervising producer of Shake Hands with the Devil, producer of CBC’s The Newsroom, and producer of The Act. He lives in Toronto.