On Canadian Wings


Be prepared to soar! Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, history buff, or air traveller, dont miss the third in a series of photo essays on aviation in Canada, covering almost 100 years of flight by Canadians. Dramatic visuals accompany each step of aviations advances, from Canadas first military aircraft to Billy Bishops Nieuport, from the earliest bush planes to the beginnings of passenger travel. This comprehensive history showcases 50 aircraft. Whether famous or forgotten, all were designed, built, and/or flown by Canadians. Insightful analysis is complemented by gorgeous photos, many in colour, some with rare archival significance. The history of our desire to conquer gravity is encapsulated within these covers.


Recent Arrivals Winged Writings Perhaps there's something in the water at the Lester B. Pearson Building that predisposes employees to write books. Peter Pigott, a Treaty Custodian at Foreign Affairs Canada has just released his 12th book titled On Canadian Wings. Mr. Pigott wrote his first book while posted in Hong Kong. Upon returning to Ottawa after a posting in The Hague, he began to take writing more seriously. 

Mr. Pigott says, "It was coming back to Ottawa that was the shock...we were so broke that when our house needed a new roof, I began writing - and writing about what I knew best - aviation." 

Since then Mr. Pigott has managed to combine his fulltime career at Foreign Affairs with his after-hours authorship. On Canadian Wings: A Century of Flight is a photo essay on Canadian aviation.

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Peter Pigott

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Peter Pigott

Peter Pigott is Canada’s foremost aviation author. Among his accomplishments are the histories of Air Canada, Trans Canada Airlines, and Canadian Airlines. He is the author of From Far and Wide, Sailing Seven Seas, Canada in Sudan and many more books. He lives in Ottawa.