Clarence Hincks


Clarence Meredith Hincks (1885-1964) is often regarded as the father of mental health in Canada.

He was instrumental in establishing the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene in 1918, and became its director in 1924. He dedicated his career to investigating the cause and relief of psychological disorders, a search that continues today in the work of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

This biography sets down the major episodes in his career, and relates them to his personal life and his struggles with recurrent attacks of depression. The maturation of Canada’s perception of mental disease is largely due to pioneers like Hincks.

About the Author

Charles G. Roland

Posted by Kendra on August 25, 2020

Charles G. Roland

Charles G. Roland is a Winnipegger who received his medical degree at the University of Manitoba. He has been Senior Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, lecturer in the History of Medicine at Northwestern University, Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Communications at the Mayo Clinic, and Associate Professor of the History of Medicine at the Mayo Medical School.