The Doomsday Book of Fairy Tales


An astounding tale about a dangerous quest in an eerie post–climate collapse world.

Twenty-five years earlier, when the Vanderchucks followed their neighbours into the Underground, Jesse thought that was it. Then Jesse’s little sister, Olivia, ran away, and their mother died. Now, years later, Jesse meets a talking dog and everything changes.

Fighting illness and a hostile world with no sympathy, Jesse and Doggo embark on a fool’s errand to find Olivia — or die trying. Along the way, Jesse spins a series of stories from threads of memories, weaving together the past, present, and future.

About the Author

Emily Brewes

Posted by Kendra on April 21, 2020

Emily Brewes

Emily Brewes grew up in the wilds of northern Ontario, where she learned to be afraid of nature, especially bugs. She now writes wistfully of its rugged beauty and haunting landscapes. Emily lives in Toronto.