Dream Dad


Willa has never known her father. In fact, her mother has refused to tell the eight-year-old anything at all about him. Willa dreams about what he might look like and who he might be. She often asks herself why her hair, which is "afro-crinkly", and her skin, which is dark, are so different from her mother’s brown hair and pale skin. A substitute teacher’s request that the class draw pictures of their dads for a Father’s Day card launches Willa on an odyssey to discover the truth. Her head filled with fantasies of kings and princesses, Willa gathers the clues and, with the help of her good friend Marina, begins the alternately amusing and touching search for her father.

About the Author

Holly Haggarty

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Holly Haggarty

Holly Haggarty was born in 1960 in Midland, Ontario. In a wonderful, magical moment, when she started grade one, she discovered she knew how to read. Finally she realized that storybooks were what she wanted to build her career around. So she became a mother, teacher, storyteller, writer. Holly Haggarty has published poems and articles in arts magazines and educational journals.