Explore the broad, fascinating history of the Eaton’s department store empire. Exhaustively researched and thoughtfully written by a prominent department store historian.

Canada’s largest and most well-known department store, Eaton’s was an icon of Canadian culture. From its founding in 1869 to its famed catalogue and network of large stores spreading coast to coast, Eaton’s offered something for everyone, in grand style. Relive the days when this remarkable store was a fixture in every Canadian province and served its customers with a distinctive personality that has all but vanished from the retail landscape.


The level of detail on the book will particularly please architects, city planners, and history buffs…if you ever worked for Eaton’s or shopped at Eaton’s and loved it then, this book belongs in your library, and it belongs in every public library.

Toronto Star

Millions of Canadians will have similar mementoes of the trans-Canada store. If they miss Eaton’s, they will love this book.

Canada’s History

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