Eavesdroppings recounts life in the small towns of Ontario before sin arrived on the Internet - a time when churches were never locked and parents, not wishing to be disturbed while they listened to the radio, shooed their children out to play in the dark, unguarded streets without fear. Here you’ll find comedy, outrage, and tragedy but no disguise. Included are actual events and the names of all persons involved.

The author tracks the quaint immorality of smalltown sin in the 1930s and its evolution from full-frontal bingo in the churches to the current degeneracy of nude women wrestling men in vats of Jell-O in licensed nightclubs, but he never moralizes. Indeed, he provides no uplifting messages at all - just gossip, which, as Oscar Wilde said, "is what history is all about and more fun."


"... whether you trace your roots back to Galt, Ont., Dog River, Sask., or any of the number of small towns that formed the backbone of this great country you will find something to relate to in this highly readable, thoroughly entertaining book."

The Leader Post (October, 2006)

"It's part memoir and part autobiography, but mostly very funny."

The Record (September, 2006)

"... it's hard not to laugh out loud reading the manuscript, whether it's about Central Public School discipline, which would warm the heart of a personal-injury lawyer, about a flying saucer landing on Alps Road, or the incongruous details of Cambridge's first strip club."

The Record (February, 2006)

"Whether or not you knew any of the characters, it is still fun to read about their past exploits. Bob is an excellent writer and the book is highly readable and will probably make you laugh out loud."

The Cambridge Times (September, 2006)

About the Author

Bob Green

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Bob Green

Bob Green was born at home in Galt, Ontario, in 1930 and now resides in Cambridge. He received his journalism degree from Ryerson but pursued improbable careers in jazz drumming, landscape painting, and film. He was the principal actor in Barry Greenwald's Golden Palm Award-winner Metamorphosis at Cannes in 1976. He considers Eavesdroppings his legacy.