An Edmonton Album


This album is a collection of sentimental journeys into Edmonton’s past - a time when a dime was all that was needed to see a movie, and couples skated across the glassy surface of a frozen lake that is now gone.

These photos illustrate many important historical events and changes in Edmonton, from its fur-trading beginnings through decades of tremendous growth. Through the lens of a camera we revisit soldiers returning home from war; the first train rumbling into town; the first school, hospital, and business; the building of the Legislature and demolition of the original fort; the desperation of the "Dirty Thirties"; and the success of the initial oil boom.

More than one hundred and fifty black-and-white images allow us to travel back in time to revisit Edmonton’s growth and its people. Through these photos, moments in Edmonton’s past are captured eternally, rich with details that characterize the era. An Edmonton Album is the city’s memory - in pictures.


"While An Edmonton Album will certainly bring back memories for those life-long Edmontonians who gave so much of themselves to the city, it also provides a casual stroll through the past for subsequent generations of armchair visitors."

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About the Authors

Dennis Shappka

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Dennis Shappka

Dennis Shappka is an electronics service technician with a life-long interest in history and photography. The authors were both born in Edmonton, and currently live there with their two children.