An Emerald for Iamanja


"One of Rio’s seven hundred thousand homeless street urchins looking in on the forbidden, unobtainable, dazzlingly beautiful life on the other side of Copacabana. A world of magic. A world saturated with pleasure, and as far away from the rotting stench of the Baixada Fluminese up on the hill as heaven from hell."

This is the life of Paulo Batista, a sixteen-year-old from the Rio slums, who commits a serious crime. To escape the police, he and his friend Bippo being Quixotian journey that enables Paulo to see the world of Rio from a new perspective.

A study of crime and redemption, of childhood and maturity, of sadness and humor, this is a masterpiece by a gifted storyteller.

About the Author

Michael Jacot

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Michael Jacot

Michael Jacot is a Toronto writer and film-maker, with five novels, two stage plays, and numerous television and screen dramas to his credit. his film-maker's eye and dramatic sense illuminate his fine novels. Jacot's poignant book, An Emerald for Iamanja, about the Quixotian journey of a Brazilian street urchin, was published in 1990.