Fifty Years the Queen


The half-century since Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1952 has witnessed many changes, some for good and some for ill. Among these, she has been one of the few constants.

Fifty Years the Queen recounts her amazing life as Canada and the Commonwealth celebrate the Golden Jubilee of her accession to the throne. Elizabeth II is a figure whose faultless devotion to duty flourishes in an age of individual self-gratification. endowed with high spirits and a great sense of humour, she at the same time carries out her duties with unfailing dignity and decorum.

The special Golden Jubilee tribute is filled with many beautiful illustrations, including some rarely seen.


A wonderful keepsake book with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

Good Times

On the whole, this book leaves the reader with admiration for a woman who has worked so hard and so long to fulfil her duty as she sees it. Unless youve been following the Queens career very closely, which is not easy to do, Fifty Years The Queen will tell you much that you never knew.

The Guardian

It is a fitting tribute to the Queen of Canada that should delight the monarchists and serve as a needed education for those who pay too little attention to the institution.

The Leader Post

A uniquely Canadian flavour.

The Hamilton Spectator

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Garry Toffoli

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014

Garry Toffoli

Garry Toffoli is an author, editor, media commentator, publisher, and administrator. He writes and lectures on royal, constitutional, political, military, and heritage subjects, and lives in Toronto.