Lish MacPherson believes she is running from something - a job working for a corrupt firm that bilks seniors out of their estates. But she doesn’t realize that her arrival in the small town of Seven Springs may be a matter of destiny.

Lish discovers that a new acquaintance - Noah - shares with her not only a common ancestry but also a common recurring dream about riding a stag to some unknown destination. Their dream is echoed by a legend that haunts the town and is retold to all comers by Lish’s new employer, Thalia Russo.

With developers trying to take over land in Seven Springs, and Lish and Noah fighting to protect Thalia and her home, could it be more than a coincidence that the three were brought together at this critical time? Perhaps that is why all three can hear the distant yowling of a cat during the night.


Waterloo Region Record (Kitchener, ON) Aug 26 a meticulously detailed page-turner Mesterns writing is warm and cosy, her phrasing sweetly old-fashioned. Granite, a cup of tea and comfy chair make perfect companions for a lazy afternoon. Bonnie Malleck easy-to-read entertainment that many people will be able to relate to.

The legends and lore of the area add to the beauty of (Granite) and the way the author tells the story, bringing it and the characters to life.

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Pat Mestern

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Pat Mestern

Pat Mattaini Mestern is the author of eight previous books, including No Choice but Freedom and Magdalena's Song. She writes travel, lifestyle, and local history columns for a variety of national and international publications. She lives in Fergus, Ontario.