The Greenhouse Approach


To succeed, modern businesses need to foster the creativity of their staff; they need to provide an environment that promotes constant innovation.

Intrapreneurship, which harnesses the entrepreneurial drive within an existing organization to foster new ideas and creative thinking, gives companies the problem-solving edge to succeed in an ever-changing world. To stay on top, companies need to empower all their employees — their rebels, their trend spotters, their communicators, their researchers — to find and implement new ways of operating.

The Greenhouse Approach shows how companies and organizations can use creative thinking to reimagine current norms and structures and develop a culture of intrapreneurship, equipping them with the tools to anticipate and adapt to change.


An insightful guide on the underlying roots of innovation thinking and development. The Greenhouse Approach reveals what’s core and critical to your innovation effectiveness through an intrapreneurial mindset.

Michele Romanow, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Clearbanc and SnapSaves, Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den

The Greenhouse Approach goes beyond theories of what innovation should look like within organizations. This book questions core ideas that inhibit people and organizations in realizing what innovation can and should be — ideas like the dangers of consensus thinking and applying first principles thinking to how we approach our innovation efforts. An introspective read
that is an excellent guide for organizations.

John Ruffolo, chief executive officer, OMERS Ventures

The Greenhouse Approach takes an enticing look at the concept and importance of Intrapreneurship within organizations. Allowing that dynamic to evolve is a critical contribution of value to the enterprise, and essential to growth and sustainability in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Dr. Ray Powers, associate dean and chair of the board of advisors, Forbes School of Business & Technology; director, Knowledge Innovation Center

Chitra Anand addresses the biggest challenge to creativity and innovation: the internal resistance to change and the stubborn or fearful reluctance to consider a new idea or a new process or an entirely new way of doing business. This book should be required reading for all corporate managers.

Dr. Paula Zobisch, associate professor and program chair, Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship, Forbes School of Business & Technology

The Greenhouse Approach is full of insights, lessons, and stories for businesses seeking to thrive in this world of constant change. Chitra Anand has found new ways to understand innovation—which may well be the most important thing for us all to think about.

Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief Wired magazine

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Chitra Anand

Posted by Dundurn Guest on March 27, 2018
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Chitra Anand

Chitra Anand is an award-winning communications and marketing executive with over twenty years' experience in the technology industry. She has spent time as the head of communications for Microsoft Canada, director of marketing at Telus Corporation, and director of operations at OpenText. She lives in Toronto.