Growing Old Together


Naturalist, ornithologist, avocational archaeologist and poet, Winnipegs Dr. Robert W. Nero has authored nine books dealing with his amazing spectrum of interests. Growing Old Together is the newest collection of poetry by this gifted writer, revealing his sensitivity and keen observation of the natural world.

In his frequently passionate poetry Nero pays tribute to his wife, Ruth, who has, over many years, encouraged Bob to write and to pursue his outdoor interests – all the while sharing him with "Lady Grayl," the great gray owl he found injured and starving in 1984. From that time on, Lady Grayl toured with Bob Nero to raise funds for numerous environmental projects and to educate thousands of children and adults about conservation. This remarkable association ended in October of 2005 with the passing of Lady Grayl at age 21.5. It is fitting that Manitoba Day 2005 honoured the Great Gray Owl, the official provincial bird – and, yes, Lady Grayl was involved.


Some responses to Robert W. Nero's poetry:

"...what sensitive writing..."

- Margaret Wilson, Pickering Naturalists

"Loved it! It engendered some poignant musings, indeed."

- Bob Carmichael, Manitoba wildlife specialist

About the Author

Robert W. Nero

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014
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Robert W. Nero

A well-known scientist and educator with numerous natural history publications to his credit, Robert W. Nero has attracted attention in recent years through published collections of his poetry. Woman By the Shore, The Mulch Pile and Spring Again firmly established Bob Nero's standing in the field of poetry.