Harry Flammable


Flames follow high schooler and aspiring movie star Harry Flanagan wherever he goes.

Despite a disastrous attempt at driving a bike through a burning refrigerator box in second grade, high schooler Harry Flanagan never gives up his goal of becoming a movie star or at least a stuntman. However, since the bicycle episode, it seems as if fires pop up everywhere Harry goes, earning him the infamous nickname of "Harry Flammable."

Now a shed at Harry’s school has been set on fire, destroying Work Experience Counsellor Shamberg’s new mountain bike – and Harry’s charred cap was found at the scene. Harry’s dream Work Experience placement with Pocket Money Pictures is given to another student, and Harry is forced to take a position with Chef Antonio at the restaurant in The Ritz, the hotel Pocket Money Pictures’ staff is staying at while filming a historical adventure flick set in China.

Will Harry find a new way into the movie of his dreams, or will he be forced to endure a placement he hates and an inevitable kitchen fire … or two?


Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom selection
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Frank O’Keeffe’s latest book, Harry Flammable, is aimed for the young adult market but the whole family could benefit from reading this book.

In a YA field that is crowded with dystopias, disaster and death, Harry Flammable stands out as a completely unique and funny novel that will appeal to both avid and reluctant male readers.

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About the Author

Frank O’Keeffe

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Frank O’Keeffe

Frank O'Keeffe moved to Canada from Dublin, Ireland, shortly after finishing high school. He has published several children's and juvenile novels, including If It Rains Again Tomorrow Can We Go Home?, Weekend at the Ritz, and Nancy Nylen, which was shortlisted for the R. Ross Annett Award for Children's Literature. Frank now lives in Calgary, Alberta.