Hate Cell Teachers’ Guide


The Teacher’s Guide to accompany Hate Cell by Gwen Molnar.

Thirteen-year-old Casey Templeton has recently moved with his family to the southeastern Alberta town of Richford. One night Casey seeks refuge from a snowstorm in an abandoned farmhouse and stumbles upon his nearly frozen, unconscious science teacher, Mr. Deverell. Casey attempts to revive his teacher and searches the house for something to make a fire with. In the attic he makes a frightening discovery – a sophisticated office filled with computers, a printer, and racist posters and flyers!

Richford is harbouring a vicious cell of white racists who are targeting everyone they deem "alien." Somehow Mr. Deverell is connected to the dangerous organization, and so, too, are other residents, young and old, in Casey’s new town.

Soon the RCMP and Casey’s hacker brother, Hank, get involved in the mystery, but it’s Casey who leads the investigation into a warped world where hate is marketed on the Internet and innocent people are preyed on by bigots and bullies blinkered by their own prejudices.

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Gwen Molnar

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Gwen Molnar

Gwen Molnar is a poet, painter, and writer of children's fiction, including Hate Cell, the first Casey Templeton Mystery, three poetry collections for children, as well as many other books. Her family memoir, At Home in Old Strathcona, will be published in 2014. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.