How to Figure Out What to Do with Your Life (Next)


A surefire guide to planning your next career move and discovering the job you really want.

Jennifer Turliuk was dissatisfied in her corporate job, so she quit. But she had no idea what to do next. After university, she, like so many graduates, focused on just getting a job rather than figuring out the career she really wanted. Yet how did she even begin to find out what exactly that would be?

Instead of getting another degree or going back to school to change her career path, Jennifer embarked on a “self-education journey,” interviewing and shadowing some of the world’s leading professors, founders, and investors from Silicon Valley companies such as Airbnb, Square, Kiip, and more. What she discovered is not only a way to find out what she really wanted to do with her own life, but a career design process that would help others do just the same.

Based on tested strategies and exercises including quantified self, design thinking, lean methodology, self-discovery, and more, Turliuk will be your guide to finding the path towards a satisfying and passion-driven career that is right for you.


Compact, succinct, informative, text that should be part of every graduate's toolbox as they begin their real world transition.

Patricia A. Ford, NP, Assistant Clinical Professor

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