The Indifference League


Can anyone be a hero in an age where the lines are so blurred?

Sexy, racy, hilarious, and even moving, The Indifference League is a story of what happens when the starry-eyed optimism of the Greatest Generation crashes into the obsessions and fears of the New Lost Generation.

Under the faded banner of Superman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes past steps the Indifference League: The Statistician, Time Bomb, Hippie Avenger, SuperKen, SuperBarbie, Miss Demeanour, Mr. Nice Guy, Psycho Superstar, The Drifter, and The Stunner. All archetypes of Generations X and Y, they are here to show us just how much things have changed.

Sex and love. Religion and politics. Left and Right. Right and Wrong. Can anyone be a hero in an age where the lines are so blurred? When they meet again at The Hall of Indifference for a long weekend together, The Indifference League will fight to find out. Or not.


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A Big Chill for Gen X & Gen Y, this love letter to the new Lost Generation is funny, sexy, uplifting and refreshingly free of pretentiousness and cynicism. The Indifference League is a wild ride and a compelling treat that reveals the inner super hero in all of us.

Heather J. Wood, author of Fortune Cookie

The Indifference League is a perfect satiric cocktail: mix two parts hilarious send-up of pop culture with one part sharp observations about relationships, add a splash of sex and a twist of compassion. Don’t miss this book.

Susan Juby, author of The Woefield Poultry Collective

The Indifference League sizzles with energy and humour as it romps through the reunion weekend of quirky high school friends.

Patricia Westerhof, author of The Dove in Bathurst Station

The Big Chill meets Marvel Comics in Richard Scarsbrook’s smart, funny take on Gen Y’s transition to adulthood. Who did we want to be and who did we become? are the hard questions at the heart of this coming-of-middle-age tale.

Allan Stratton, author of The Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavish

The combination of the prose style with recognizable tropes from comic influences … heightens the novel’s smart, thoughtful, and outlandish qualities. Scarsbrook transforms a league of stereotypes into full, memorable and entertaining heroes.

Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Richard Scarsbrook

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Richard Scarsbrook

Richard Scarsbrook is the author of The Indifference League. His short stories and poems have appeared in Descant, The Dalhousie Review, Prairie Fire, Matrix, Toronto Quarterly, and the NeWest Review. He teaches creative writing courses at George Brown and Humber Colleges, and is a mentor for the Humber School for Writers Correspondence Program. He lives in Toronto.