The Invisible War


While the Second World War raged in Europe, demanding most of Canada’s military effort, an equally fierce war with Japan was going on in the Far East. Army, navy, and air force signals units in Canada kept watch on the enemy’s vital radio communications. To be more effective, Number One Canadian Special Wireless Group of the Royal Canadian Signals Corps was formed to go to the Southwest Pacific war theatre for close-in radio eavesdropping.

Murray describes the often zany career of the only complete signals unit Canada sent to the War in the Pacific, and the significant part it played in the Allied signals intelligence operation known as "Magic."


"The Invisible War is a great read and a credit to its author." -Peter St. John, The Beaver, October/November 2002

"…Murray not only identifies a weakness in Canadian military historiography, but he also provides an invaluable starting point for addressing this weakness."

Canadian Military History (January, 2002)

About the Author

Gil Murray

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Gil Murray

Gil Murray writes about radio from an extensive broadcasting background. He started his career performing on a children's program in the early 1930s. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he spent ten years at the Toronto Star and eight years at CFRB Toronto. Gil is the author of The Invisible War.