Jalna: Books 13-16


All good things must come to an end, and this four-book bundle closes Mazo de la Roche’s beloved Jalna series with stories of return, rebirth, and hope for a new day. As the dark clouds of World War II begin to clear, the scattered Whiteoak clan returns to its roots, and draws strength from renewed family ties, even if inner peace remains elusive. But life continues at its own pace, with all the departures and unexpected arrivals that entails. As the venerable family manor approaches its centenary and the Whiteoaks try to stage a grand reunion, hopes and tensions run high as de la Roche brings the Jalna saga to a masterful conclusion.


Return to Jalna

Renny’s Daughter

Variable Winds at Jalna

Centenary at Jalna

About the Author

Mazo de la Roche

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Mazo de la Roche

Mazo de la Roche was an impoverished writer in Toronto when in 1927 she won a $10,000 prize from the American magazine Atlantic Monthly for her novel Jalna. The book became an immediate bestseller. She went on to publish sixteen novels in the popular series.