Jean Baptiste


Jean Baptiste, "A Poetic Olio, in II Cantos, by Levi Adams" was published as a small book in Montreal in 1825. The entire poem was reprinted in the February 1826 issue of The Canadian Review and Magazine; on this occasion Adams’ name was replaced by the initials "L.A." The same short form of the signature was also appended to two stories in The Canadian Magazine of June, 1825, and to five poems in The Montreal Herald between January 22, 1825 and February 22, 1826.

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Levi Adams

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Levi Adams

Levi Adams was supposed to have been a native of the Henryville in the Eastern Townships in Lower Canada. Adams was a student-of-law in Montreal in 1825, and died of cholera on July 21, 1832.