The K Handshape


Short-listed for the 2009 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Christine Morris is awakened early on a chill November morning by a phone call from one of her colleagues, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Leo Forgach. His daughter, Deirdre, is missing. Despite the fact that she and the doctor have never seen eye to eye, Christine agrees to help him search for Deirdre – only to discover her brutally strangled body in the lake.

Heartbroken, Leo tells Christine that his daughter was deaf and had recently given birth to a child she had deliberately ensured would be deaf. As a militant suporter of the Deaf Culture, Deirdre wanted a deaf child to make a political statement. Although some people supported her stand, many did not – including Deirdre’s own father. Christine must use her new kills as a forensic profiler to discover the killer.


Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel


A light, but fun read.

This is a well-written book, full of energy, excellent characterization and a great plot. Jennings' new series is on its way to success.

Jennings unravels her narrative with deliberate precision, setting up a cavalcade of possible suspects and intriguing plot twists.

Quill and Quire

I was utterly fascinated by Maureen Jennings' depiction of deaf culture in K Handshape ... Some really nice detective work on Christine's part, with her colleagues offering their forensic profiling skills at their regular meetings, makes this a super read.

Talented author Maureen Jennings shows us a world we know little about and the difficulties in communicating with the deaf friends of the victim in the search for a motive and a killer.
Recommended as a read for any mystery fan who likes to venture into different worlds and subcultures ... Enjoy. I did.

Maureen Jennings is a mystery writer of imaginative precision, and The K Handshape enhances this reputation. It is well plotted, with cleverly placed clues and dialogue that shape the characters and highlight the tension. Sub-plots enrich the multilayered story - - a hallmark of Jennings' consummate skill as a storyteller ... Jennings' writing merges solid procedural work with atmosphere and character interaction. She is a humane observer of the circus of life.
The K Handshape offers a challenging conclusion and is a most satisfying read.

... a remarkably poignant story about the murder of a young deaf woman who was simply trying to break down discriminatory barriers for the hearing impaired ... Jennings is a master at drawing out her characters, here introducing new ones along with some from the past whom she brought to life in Christine Morris's first case.

Jennings’ new series is on its way to success.

Jennings is highlighting an aspect of modern police work that is understood by few.

The Paris Star( Ontario) (January, 2011)

About the Author

Maureen Jennings

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Maureen Jennings

Maureen Jennings is the author of the Murdoch Mysteries, a historical series set in Victorian Toronto. The first book, Except the Dying, won the Certificate of Commendation from Heritage Toronto. CHUM television has ordered the creation of an exciting new 13-episode series, The Murdoch Mysteries, based on these novels. The K Handshape is the second in Maureen's new series featuring Christine Morris.