Four-year-old Stavros Milionis, sent from his native Greece to Toronto during World War II, learns that his mother, sister and two brothers were victims of Nazi forces in the Kalavrita massacre of December 13, 1943, an event that claimed 1 360 lives. Young Stavros grows to adulthood and becomes a successful lawyer, but he remains a captive of his past, obsessed with one thing: revenge. The sudden deaths of the most important people in his life, his father and Laura, compel him to return to Kalavrita where he meets and gradually falls in love with another haunted survivor, the myterious I-Vuvi. Their destinies become tragically intertwined as Stavros seeks to avenge the atrocity in his past.

About the Author

Cornel Lumiere

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Cornel Lumiere

Holland-born, multilingual Cornel Lumiere commutes between Canada, Jamaica and the Mediterranean. During World War II he was a prisoner in a Japanese internment camp. Since then he has had an active career in several countries through writing, television, radio and ballad composition. A consummate traveller, he sailed the world for ten years on a Chinese junk. Currently he lives and writes in Toronto.