The Last Butterfly


The Last Butterfly: Beautiful and heartbreaking … It is in the changing of one man … that one finds the most moving movements of the novel, as Antonin, the hasbeen clown, becomes a kind of hero of the human spirit. (Publisher’s Weekly)

There is a deftness and economy in Mr. Jacot’s characterizations, and a sense of dread of such immediacy as to render the novel all too memorable. (Saturday Review/World).

A simple unforgettable film unrolls before you as you read The Last Butterfly … the horrors are implicit but hidden … The happiness, the laughter, is as real as the despair. Ane more lasting. (Atlantic Monthly)

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Michael Jacot

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Michael Jacot

Michael Jacot is a Toronto writer and film-maker, with five novels, two stage plays, and numerous television and screen dramas to his credit. his film-maker's eye and dramatic sense illuminate his fine novels. Jacot's poignant book, An Emerald for Iamanja, about the Quixotian journey of a Brazilian street urchin, was published in 1990.