Lives of Kings


Gwen must reunite her fellow reincarnated magical guardians and save the world from three magicians threatening to bring on the apocalypse.

Book Two in the Seven Wanderers Trilogy.

After discovering she led a past life full of magic in Britannia thousands of years ago, Gwen must race against time to stop an ancient enemy who threatens to tear the world apart.

Gwen may have won the battle to save her own magic, but she is still reeling from memories of her past life and dangers to her present one. Alone without the one she trusted most, she gathers her friends to search for others like her — those who can destroy the force threatening the world once and for all. But victory can only come at a terrible cost, and the lure of powerful magic may be too much to resist, even for those sworn to protect the world.

As friendships begin to fracture amidst millennia-old rivalries, reality blurs with the past until the lines between family, friend, and enemy are no longer clear. Gwen needs to find a way to defeat her past enemies without falling into any one of their many traps — or else surrender to her past life’s magic and lose herself forever.

About the Author

Lucy Leiderman

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Lucy Leiderman

Lucy Leiderman was born on a naval base in Kaliningrad, Russia, and raised in Toronto. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto and a Master's degree from Uppsala Universitet. This is her third book in the Seven Wanderers Trilogy. She currently resides in Toronto.