Macdonald Institute


Macdonald Institute traces the evolution of a small post-secondary institution specializing in the education of rural Ontario women into a world-respected, co-educational college at the University of Guelph. Built in 1903 with funds from Sir William Macdonald of Montreal, Macdonald Institute focused originally on the teaching of Domestic Science to rural women. "Mac" has evolved to meet the changing needs of women, the Canadian family and society in general. The Institute evolved into the College of Family and Consumer Studies in 1970 and its legacy is now an integral part of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. This book provides valuable insights into the education of women in Ontario in the twentieth century.

About the Author

James Snell

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

James Snell

James Snell received his PhD from Queen's University and has been a member of the History Department at the University of Guelph for over thirty years. He has previously published books on the Supreme Court of Canada, the history of divorce in twentieth-century Canada, and the history of old age in twentieth-century Canada.