Mackenzie King’s Ghost


Do ghosts exist? Are houses haunted? Do the dead communicate with the living? Should some places be shunned? Did the ghost of the late Mackenzie King carry on a long and wide-ranging conversation with Percy J. Philip, Ottawa correspondent for The New York Times, on a park bench at Kingsmere, Quebec, in 1954?

Questions like these have been asked since time immemorial. But asking such questions is easier than answering them. So instead of arguing the pros and cons of the matter, Mackenzie King’s Ghost offers the reader fifty Canadian stories of ghosts and spirits, specters and apparitions, polertgeists and other powerful presences.

These personal narratives – these first-person, eye-witness accounts of supernatural, physical, or paranormal phenomena – are presented as fact, not fiction. They describe hauntings that their narrators believe actually occurred. They make eerie and scary reading.

About the Author

John Robert Colombo

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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John Robert Colombo

John Robert Colombo, the author of the best-selling Colombo's Canadian Quotations and Fascinating Canada, has written, translated, or edited over two hundred books. He is the recipient of the Harbourfront Literary Prize and the Order of Canada, and is a Fellow of the Frye Centre.