The Naval Service of Canada, 1910-2010


Commended for the 2009 Keith Matthews Award

This lavishly illustrated commemorative volume chronicles the full century, 1910-2010, of the Canadian Navy as a proud national institution. Known Officially until 1968 as the Royal Canadian navy and since then as the Maritime Command of the Canadian Forces, the naval service of Canada has played an important role in the development and security of our nation. The foreword for this book is by Her Excellency Governor General Michaelle Jean (as commander-in-chief of the Canadian Forces) and the contributors are highly recognized authorities on their particular period.

The contributors’ comprehensive coverage, drawing upon a multitude of primary archival sources and secondary volumes by other authors, includes the originals of the Canadian Navy back to 1867, both world wars, the Korean conflict, the Cold War period, and a look at the navy of the future. There is also a section on naval war art. The result is a sweeping survey history that will appeal to a broad cross-section of readers, including those who love all things navy, navy veterans and their families, historians, and librarians.


Keith Matthews Award


"The Naval Service of Canada is a first-rate and heavily illustrated volume that will appeal to those currently serving or retired from the navy or anyone with a strong interest in Canadian maritime matters."

"Photographs, schematic line drawings, classic Canadian war art and even cartoons illustrate this well-written history."

the Globe and Mail

"This is a magnificent coffee table book."

"The book is beautifully produced by Dundurn Press, with many excellent illustrations, including a number of fine examples of war art."

the Chronicle-Herald

"... readers will appreciate the top-notch colour and black and white photos (including rare photos), and in particular the high quality art plates detailing Canada's ships and submarines. In addition, the drawings of technical maritime innovations of the Canadian Navy will also be welcome."

Esprit de Corps

"For the navy person ... there's The Naval Service of Canada 1910-2010 ... Here's a collection of essays tracing the history of the Royal Canadian Navy ... There are many photographs, spec sheets for various craft, and reproductions of paintings."

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

"This very attractive tome will do much more than grace the coffee tables of naval historians and ‘old salts’ (although it will perform that task extremely well). Its excellent text and complementary illustrations will enlighten all who read it and improve their understanding of the development of Canada’s Navy and the importance of the service to the nation’s past, present, and, undoubtedly, future as well – no matter what their prior knowledge of the subject."

World Ship Review

About the Authors

Richard H. Gimblett

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Richard H. Gimblett

Richard H. Gimblett is command historian of the Canadian Navy and past president of the Canadian Nautical Research Society. A former serving officer, he is a contributor to volume 1 of the official history of the Royal Canadian Navy (1867-1939), and edited and contributed to The Naval Service of Canada, 1910-2010: The Centennial Story. He lives in Ottawa.