Parenting Your Parents


This latest, enhanced and updated edition will help guide the thinking of those challenged with aging in the family.

Since the last edition in 2006, much has happened in the field of eldercare. There is now an increasing awareness of the complex challenges posed by the expanding aging population in North America. When our parents reach a certain age and have difficulty coping, we find ourselves wondering how to provide them with the kind of love, care, support, and attention they need, just as they have done for us all our lives.

The third edition of Parenting Your Parents shows, through 24 case studies and the personal experiences of the authors, that you are not alone and offers crucial advice to help you along this difficult but rewarding journey. It also offers a new Vulnerability Index to measure what level of need your parents may have right now, as well as a financial planning section and resource directory.


With this third edition of Parenting Your Parents:
Straight Talk about Aging in the Family
the authors, Bart Mindszenthy and Dr.
Michael Gordon, have added a new level of insight and sensitivity to the issues
encountered by families as they try to unravel the various problems that they
will inevitably face as their parents age and gradually decline.

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These Family Case Studies provide a compelling context in which to absorb the authors’ practical advice about addressing – as a family – issues like stroke, surgery, independence, dementia, and end of life decisions with patience, tact, and reason.

[The] authors write eloquently and compassionately about each case study, weighing in on treatment plans and on which family members are behaving suitably under the circumstances. Mindszenthy's chapter on his mother's dementia and the personal anguish it caused his family is a cry from the heart that sends the ultimate message of the book with great clarity: 'It's a portion of life none of us is prepared to – or wants to – face. However, it's there, and for each of us, it's there in a different way and form.'

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About the Authors

Michael Gordon

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon, MD, MSC, and FRCPC, is professor of medicine at the University of Toronto and the head of Geriatrics and Internal Medicine at Toronto's Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. He lives in Toronto.