People You Follow


Singer-songwriter Hayley Gene Penner tells all in this harrowingly honest memoir of her relationships and life in the music industry.

Hayley Gene Penner's memoir takes a brutally honest yet humorous look at the dark, intimate truths we spend our lives running from and the hidden side of the music industry. Like a map of beautiful fuck ups, Hayley’s stories of questionable sexual encounters, artistic aspirations, and emotional abuse trace her coming of age in the music industry.

Hayley explores all her relationships — from her childhood as the daughter of a celebrity, to the destructive and coercive relationship with her boss, to the actor we all know but who mustn’t be named — all brought together in a series of sharp, touching vignettes. People You Follow straddles the delicate boundary between ethical and unethical behaviour, self-protection and self-destruction, power and weakness, giddiness and despair.


This is Hayley in book form. So perfectly written, with her humor giving a light to situations that don’t always have one. Beautifully written words for a good laugh and the occasional necessary cry.

Kaia Gerber, model and actress

Hayley's journey to find self-love is both heartbreaking and humorous. I recognized my own younger self and how we, as women, struggle to find our value through the eyes of others. While Hayley's story may be more dramatic than others, we are rooting for her as she finds herself and the power of "no."

About the Author

Hayley Gene Penner

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 8, 2019

Hayley Gene Penner

Hayley Gene Penner is a singer-songwriter who grew up sharing the stage with her father, renowned children's entertainer, Fred Penner. She writes with some of the biggest artists and producers in the music industry. Her debut album, and her memoir's namesake, People you Follow, will release in July 2020. She splits her time between Winnipeg and Los Angeles.