Purity of Absence


In Purity of Absence, Dave Margoshes explores love in its waxing and waning, the extravagance of its fullness, the agony of its departure. Like an explorer charting new territory, he casts his eye on the rhythms and syntax of love, observing its aspects both quotidian and rare. The poems in this new collection, Margoshes’s first in a decade, chart the ekg patterns of love, not just the mature love between a man and a woman but love for a parent, friends, knowledge, place and, ultimately, life itself.

About the Author

Dave Margoshes

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Dave Margoshes

Dave Margoshes is the author of the novel I'm Frankie Sterne, the novella We Who Seek: A Love Story, four collections of short stories, and two previous volumes of poetry (Northwest Passage and Walking at Brighton). He has won a number of poetry awards, including the Stephen Leacock Poetry Award in 1996. Margoshes's stories and poems have been published in dozens of magazines and in numerous anthologies.