The Queen’s Horse


This true story, written as historical fiction for readers young and old, is a wonderful Canadian tale about a very special horse. It is the story of Tammy, a young girl who helps at the birth of an undersized foal at the RCMP ranch at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan, and makes a pet of her. Although undersized, Burmese is a beautiful animal that goes into the musical ride and becomes leading file. Given to the Queen, she becomes Her Majesty’s favourite horse and is ridden by the Queen for eighteen years. Upon retiring, she is put out to pasture where the Queen can always see her, and when Burmese dies, Her Majesty shows her affection by having a bronze statue cast and placed at Windsor Castle.

About the Author

Nora Hickson Kelly

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Nora Hickson Kelly

Nora Hickson Kelly grew up in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, where she first learned about the Mounties. After teaching in elementary schools for 9 years she wrote for children: songs, plays, stories in school readers, school concert material and school work books. After marrying a Mounted Policeman she studied the history of the Force, then wrote, first, articles for children, then books on Mounted Police history.