The Rebel Christ


When people hear the name Jesus they often think of right-wing politics and conservative attitudes. This book presents the real Jesus: a rebel, a radical, and a revolutionary.

Christianity is in crisis, and its founder is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. But what did the real Jesus, the original Jesus, say about the pressing issues of his and our day? He didn’t mention homosexuality but did call for the poor and marginalized to be protected and championed; he never spoke of abortion but did criticize the wealthy and complacent; he didn’t side with the rulers and wealthy but did condemn those who judged others, who exploited, and who turned their eyes away from those in need and from the cry for justice. This was Jesus the rebel, Christ the radical, who turned the world upside down and demanded that his followers do the same. Too many of them, tragically, seem to have misplaced that vital lesson.

About the Author

Michael Coren

Posted by Kendra on December 15, 2020

Michael Coren

Michael Coren is the author of seventeen books, four of them bestsellers, published in twelve languages. An award-winning columnist, he is also ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada. He lives in Toronto.