The Showrunner


The hiring of a new assistant triggers a power struggle between an aging TV show creator and her former protégée.

Rising-star showrunner Stacey McCreedy has one goal: to leave behind her nerd-girl origins and become a power player — like Ann Dalloni, her former mentor and current producing partner. Ann, meanwhile, is feeling her age and losing her mind. But she’ll be damned if she cedes control of their hit primetime TV show to Stacey.

After Ann hires Jenna, a young actress hoping to restart her stalled career, as an assistant, the relationship between Ann and Stacey deteriorates into a blood feud. Soon, Jenna must choose whom to support and whom to betray to achieve her own ends. And Stacey will find out if she possesses the killer instinct needed to stay on top.


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The Showrunner has all the drama of All About Eve and the attention to detail of The Devil Wears Prada. Moritsugu nails the California sun-drenched anorexic ethos. She rivals Nathanael West’s fabulous descriptions of Hollywood where the hopefuls become twisted by their own ambitions.

Catherine Gildiner, bestselling author of Too Close to the Falls and Coming Ashore

I am addicted to Kim Moritsugu’s writing. I love her clever wit, her quick, light pacing, her chick lit that’s written with flawless literary skill. The Showrunner is my favourite of her books yet … the plot is so delicious and had me hooked from beginning to end.

Robin Spano, author of the Clare Vengel Undercover novels

The Showrunner is a sophisticated, compelling, and surprisingly complex drama.

Foreword Reviews

Lots of fun.

Fictional Fix

The Showrunner is a sophisticated, compelling, and surprisingly complex drama

Foreword Reviews

Moritsugu pulls no punches in this delightfully twisty tale ... This Joan Collins-meets-Lauren Weisberger is a beach read no-brainer.


Once you start, you won't be able to stop as it compulsively drives you forward with its dark humor and jaw dropping moments.

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

In The Showrunner, Moritsugu has written a compelling, suspenseful tale that bares the tawdry aspects of showbiz politics with more sophistication and drama than it really deserves.

Winnipeg Free Press

Once you get started reading this novel, it's really hard to quit and hold on for the ending when things take a turn for the, um, murderous.

49th Shelf

Another deftly crafted and riveting novel by an author with a genuine flair for inherently engaging and unfailingly entertaining narrative driven storytelling.

Midwest Book Review

You’re in for a thoroughly entertaining ride.

Niagara Life

About the Author

Kim Moritsugu

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Kim Moritsugu

Kim Moritsugu’s six previously published novels include The Glenwood Treasure (shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Crime Novel Award), The Restoration of Emily (serialized on CBC Radio), and The Oakdale Dinner Club. She recaps TV shows online as The Hungry Novelist and lives in Toronto.