On a Slippery Slope


It was just a little white lie. What could possibly go wrong …

If a super-cute boy (one you really want to impress) assumes that you’re a championship skier and snowboarder, is it really that big of a deal if you don’t set him straight?

When a teensy fib starts snowballing out of control, Hannah Smart realizes she needs cash to keep from being found out. She takes a part-time job at the local TV station where her dad works as the weatherman. After nearly killing a woman (it was an accident!) and then saving her on air, Hannah unexpectedly finds herself in front of the camera again. Loving the spotlight, Hannah is swept up in the excitement of TV land, but with the school ski trip coming up, she soon realizes that some secrets are impossible to keep hidden. But wanting to come clean and doing it are two very different things.


This lightly amusing first-person tale delivers a smoothly entertaining ride ending with a deft set up of the final book in the series.

Kirkus Reviews

Hannah Smart: On a Slippery Slope is a rollicking read… entertaining, with astutely observed dialogue.

Canadian Materials magazine

A lively, funny series with a lovable heroine who keeps getting herself into impossibly wacky predicaments.


About the Author

Melody Fitzpatrick

Posted by Kendra on January 20, 2015

Melody Fitzpatrick

Melody Fitzpatrick is the author of the Hannah Smart series. When she’s not busy dreaming up stories, she is an educational program assistant in the public school system, helping kids discover their amazing inner awesomeness. Melody lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia.