Sophie’s Rebellion


2006 Word Guild Award — Winner, Young Adult Fiction

Sophie Mallory’s American family knows everything about fighting the British. It’s the family tradition. But after she comes to Lower Canada in 1838, rebellion becomes personal when she’s taken prisoner. Befriended by Luc, a young rebel, she comes to see its many sides - the deep wrongs underlying the passionate revolt, the politics, and the brutal savagery of its aftermath.

This is no ordinary novel about our Canadian past. Its two wonderful characters face complicated problems of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal and begin questioning their families’ political beliefs. In Sophie’s Rebellion, Beverly Boissery deftly weaves adventure, excitement, sadness, humour, and personal growth.


The Word Guild Canadian Christian Writing Awards - Young Adult Fiction


Boissery clearly knows her history. The fact that she is an authority on the subject is, from an educational standpoint, reassuring. The construction of characters such as Sophie and Luc helps to make the historical content accessible and understandable. These things being the case... I recommend this book as a means to help adolescents develop a greater awareness of the history of Canada and the role that history has played in shaping present-day Canada.

CM Magazine

About the Author

Beverley Boissery

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Beverley Boissery

Dr. Beverley Boissery is a historian and the author of three works of non-fiction: A Deep Sense of Wrong, Uncertain Justice, and Beyond Hope. Her children's novel Sophie's Rebellion was released in 2005 to critical acclaim. Boissery lives in Vancouver with her quiet cat and rambunctious friends.