Time of the Thunderbird


Kaya and Tala, the adventurous twins, are back from their exploits in Spirit Quest on a new mission to discover why children are disappearing from one of their tribe’s villages. Earth dwarves are being blamed for the missing children, but the twins are sure they’re not at fault. Something very sinister is happening, so once again the sister and brother set out with Yahet (Y for short), their friend and companion, to rescue the kidnapped children. Along the way they meet a mysterious owl, a cedar ogre, demons galore, Aixos, the most ferocious of all sea serpents, and the Thunderbird himself!

About the Authors

John Mantha

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

John Mantha

John Mantha has illustrated 14 previous books, including The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, which was nominated for a B.C. Book Prize. He lives in Toronto.