Until Niagara Falls


Life with Gran in Niagara Falls is all about routine for nine-year-old Brenda Barnhart, until she meets Maureen.

Brenda is afraid of heights, being in the dark, and dog poop. She meets daring, rule-breaking Maureen and realizes their friendship is a bit like walking a tightrope — exciting but dangerous. Maureen encourages Brenda to use fire escapes, sleep outside in a tent, and walk through strange backyards.

Their friendship strains when Maureen makes fun of Harvey, Brenda's special needs neighbour. It strains even further when Maureen borrows Gran's bracelet and lies about returning it. Suddenly, Brenda realizes she has to be as brave as Charles Blondin, the man who walked across The Falls, to get it back.


Jennifer Maruno forces her characters to walk the tightrope beween right and wrong in order to escape loneliness. Compelling.

Sylvia McNicoll, author of the Great Mistake Mysteries

About the Author

Jennifer Maruno

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Jennifer Maruno

Jennifer Maruno is a long-time educator and author. Her debut novel, When the Cherry Blossoms Fell, was shortlisted for the Hackmatack Award and the Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers Choice Award. She lives in Burlington, Ontario.