Viking Quest Teachers’ Guide


The Teacher’s Guide to accompany Viking Quest by Tom Henighan.

Fifteen-year-old Rigg, son of Leif Eriksson, loves mystery and adventure. In the early eleventh century, he finds both of these in abundance when his father sails away and leaves him behind in Vinland, the Vikings’ precarious foothold on the wild Newfoundland coast. Soon, Rigg makes an amazing discovery. The Vikings aren’t alone in this alien land. But who inhabits it with them? Demons, giants, or another human tribe – one that equals the Norse invaders in skill and bravery?

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"This is a novel about coming of age, overcoming prejudice and superstition, conquering irrational fears and appreciating the high cost of precipitous violent behaviour. Suitable for possible schools adoption, Viking Quest will have the strongest appeal to boys in the last four years of high school."

The New Brunswick Reader (September, 2001)

"This is a gripping story of adventure, but much more, for it projects a real sense of how the Vikings understood the world. Tom Henighan presents the beliefs that motivated them and their great ability to deal with the practical problems of their environment."

The Peace Arch News (July, 2001)

"Students interested in Viking lore as well as those with a thirst for adventure stories will enjoy this offering."

Resource Links (December, 2001)

"Henighan has crafted an involving coming of age story that blends adventure and an evocative setting with personal transformation."

The Book Shelf (January, 2002)

About the Author

Tom Henighan

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Tom Henighan

Tom Henighan's numerous works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry include The Maclean's Companion to Canadian Arts and Culture, The Well of Time, and the YA novel Viking Quest (2001). He lives in Ottawa, and teaches at Carleton University.