White Jade Tiger


Winner of the 1993 Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize, shortlisted for the Silver Birch Award and the CLA Book of the Year Award

Jasmine is not sure she likes the idea of being stuck in Victoria while her father goes to China for a year. But on a field trip to Chinatown, she explores a curious shop in Fan Tan Alley and accidentally passes through a hidden door. She finds herself in Victoria’s Chinatown of the late 1880’s. Mistaken for a Chinese boy, she is soon caught up in a race through the Fraser Canyon to find a tiger amulet.


Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize
Silver Birch Award
CLA Book of the Year Award


White Jade Tiger opens up a window onto another world, and allows recognition of the riches inherent in another culture.

This is a complex and ambitious first novel. Lawson skilfully interweaves the narratives of present and past, exploring the concerns of each on many levels. The examination of racism and greed in B.C.'s early days is well integrated into the narrative.

Quill and Quire

Young-adult readers will enjoy meeting Jasmine and Keung and sharing their adventures as they search for the white jade tiger. Recommended.

CBRA (January, 1993)

"Lawson's considerable ability to bring her characters to life, and the adept use of dialogue and description, make this a highly recommended book."

Julie Lawson has written a story so well grounded in real-life Victoria, B.C., now and in 1881, that the fantasy of time travel between our time and the past seems natural and necessary. White Jade Tiger is successful, both at telling a gripping story and finishing it in a satisfying, believable way.

Times-Colonist (September, 1993)

Lawson's book is especially recommended for strong readers with an interest in history.

Times-Colonist (December, 1993)

Lawson successfully combines a very real sense of period, a vivd portrait of the lives of the Chinese workers who built the railway, and an exciting adventure.

The Vancouver Sun (September, 1993)

About the Author

Julie Lawson

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Julie Lawson

Julie Lawson is the author of more than twenty children's and young adult titles. Her books have won the Sheila A. Egoff Literature Prize and been nominated for numerous awards, including various Forest of Reading Awards and the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia.