Oceans of Grief and Healing Waters


"This is the story of my journey toward healing from grief, after my husband died of cancer. My world was thrown into chaos. I was driven to find my sacred core, where I would discover who I really was, and then back to the surface and a new way of living.

"Throughout the healing journey, there was the sure and constant 'knowing' that God was with me. I knew I was carried in loving arms.

"My intention in telling this story is to help others who live with grief that consumes them. Grief does have an ending. One day you wake up and know that your grieving is over. It is this ending that makes for new beginnings in your life."

-Marian Jean Haggerty, from the Preface

About the Author

Marian Jean Haggerty

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Marian Jean Haggerty

Marian Jean Haggerty is an Anglican priest and rector of a parish in the Diocese of Huron. She is active in leading prayer workshops and quiet days, and is the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer coordinator for the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario and representative for the Diocese of Huron. Marian resides in London and is the mother of two children.