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Sharon Johnston on Matrons & Madams

Posted on April 16 by Kyle in Fiction
Tell us about your book. Matrons and Madams is a story of how two courageous women managed their lives as they faced a decade of social upheaval between the Great War and Great Depression. The younger of the protagonists (a teacher by profession) managed a brothel after facing severe economic hardship when her husband died from a mining accident.
"I honestly don’t know how much innate talent plays out in all this, but until you’ve written maybe a half dozen or so books, complete with lots of feedback, you haven’t really tried. If you keep writing and keep submitting and keep writing, regardless of rejections and the opinions of others, you will reach your apogee, regardless of where that is..."

A Q&A with Kim Moritsugu

Posted on March 31 by Kyle in Fiction

Tell us about your book:

The Oakdale Dinner Club is a comedy of manners about a group of people who start up a monthly dinner club in a leafy commuter town. Food, sex, humour, a little telepathy – the novel has them all, and would make a great summer or vacation read.


How did you come up with the idea for this work?